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"At Highjak we take a "NO B.S." approach to the products we use. If there is something we don't like well say it. With that said, we are impressed. I see myself personalizing my next book now that I know what I'm looking for."

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Jordan Walter

"I think Impact Data Books is the pinnacle of sniper/shooter data books on the market today. The thought and time that went into its creation shows. The "create your own" idea is revolutionary. No-one in the business is thinking outside the box like this. Congrats to Tony & Tom."

George Gardner
President & Senior Rifle Builder


"For too many years the shooting community has been handed the same old, tired datebooks that constantly repeat the same stale information. Instead of asking what the shooter needs, these books simply reprint the same tired pages over and over. Well, today that has all changed thanks to Impact Data Books. Impact Data offers the shooter a variety of pages that allow you to choose what pages you want to include and they offer a variety like never before. The ability to pick and choose the pertinent pages is not only what the shooting community has been asking for, it's what the shooter needed to make sure they would actually use the log book as it was intended too be used. When the log book is relevant we find the shooter actually takes the time to fill it out. Impact Data Books has successfully moved the log book into the 21st century and its my first choice for a datebook whenever I am on the range. I can't recommend them enough to both new and experienced shooters, they're datebooks done right."

Frank "Lowlight" Galli
Sniper's Hide, LLC

"I contacted Impact Data Books about having a custom data book made up. Many Indiana LEO snipers attend a 1 week basic course or 2 week advance course at Camp Atterbury. This class is put on with Indianapolis PD and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Both the 1 week basic class and the 2 week advance class use have a qualification course we shoot. Most of us use this course at our depts for a monthly qualification. The course is a set of 4 targets. 1 shot on target 1, 2 shots on target 2 and so on. I had Impact Data Books design a page for this course. The results are great. After I first contacted them I would receive several emails a day asking about what I wanted on the page, sending examples showing their progress as they design the page. I highly recommend the guys at Impact Data Books, a bunch of great guys. I couldn't be any happier with the data books they sent me."

Bill Bednar
Detective Schererville Police Department, Schererville Indiana
Merrillville Regional Emergency Response Team

"After spending 30 years in the military and using several different types of data/log books, both school books and commercial books, I have found that the Impact data book is a GREAT and new design. The Impact data books allow you to pick only the data sheets that you need for the type of shooting or data that you might need. You can also added new sheets when you need them. This will allow you to tailor your book to your needs. I am a collector of data/log books and besides this being a good addition to my collection, it will also be the data book that replaces the one that I use now. If you are looking for a data book, then look no further and order an Impact data book."

SFC Pete Carpentier
JRTX National Guard (RET)


"I ordered the Impact Modular Data Book from their web site which was simple and efficient. The web site has every type of data page you could ever want. I picked exactly what I needed and it was delivered in less than three days. Opening the package the data book was ready to go. I reviewed all the pages, the 3 ring binder and heavy stock paper and they are top notch heavy duty materials. I use to make my own data books in the past because I could never find a data book that had everything that I wanted such as my own blank elevation or wind data sheets, this book has them!! I plan on getting Impact Data Books for all my rifles and will even order one specifically for custom load development and chrono-graphing of all my rifles that I can keep and track in one book!! Awesome product!!!"

Sean Little
Former USMC Scout/Sniper
Current LEO firearms instructor

"I have used many data books since 1997 when I first joined a scout sniper platoon. Actually my first was when I went to boot camp in 1996; some were tailored to the course of fire or the school I was attending at the time which is fine during that course of fire. Over the years trying to draw in the targets I use for training was always "acceptable". No matter what books I spent money on I always had wasted pages that I never seemed to use until I found Impact Data Books, they not only have a huge selection of pages I can tailor my data book to they can also tailor a book to your agency, school, or club. Just send them your logo and what targets and course of fire you want and they will make it up. They also sell round count books that every rifle needs. If you own a precision rifle you owe it to your self to get a proper data book set up for you and your range time, it will save you time, rounds and allow you to improve you precision game."

John Scarbrough II
SRT / MO Instructor

"We began furnishing modular Impact Databooks a couple years ago as a part of our long range precision rifle courses, and recommend them. One of the major gaps we find out there as instructors is that shooters don't understand how to collect and record proper data, or are intimidated by excessive complexity. The folks at Impact are a pleasure to work with, and the students absolutely love the practical, no-nonsense layout of the book. It's easy to fill out, even for newer shooters. The more seasoned marksmen appreciate that it's a system, and they can expand the book in any direction their shooting takes them. I switched over to one personally because I like the intelligence of consolidating the CBS shots on one page for immediate reference. Take an honest look at your current databook. If it's not getting used like it should, chances are you bought the wrong one."

Fred Wissing
New Jersey State Police/Retired
Co-Founder, Black Hat Training Corps

"One of the most important aspects of precision shooting is collecting and interpreting shot data. Whether you're a Law Enforcement Officer tracking clean bore shots, a civilian competitor or a military sniper, a well thought out and put together data book is absolutely essential. When properly filled out with accurate data it becomes as vital as our rifles. When I started my own precision rifle school I contemplated formulating my own data books much like I had to do when I was an instructor at the USMC Scout/Sniper Basic Course. That thought immediately fell to the wayside when I found out about Impact Data Books. After a couple emails Tony had my books catered to fit my curriculum and now I see students making great efforts to collect their data. Having an easy to follow format set in a logical order makes information easier to log and track for later reference; the whole purpose behind a rifle data book. Truly the great benefit is that when students leave and progress within their discipline they can modify their data books with the hundreds of pages that Impact has to offer. I wish I had Impact Data Books years ago! Collect your data or waste your ammo, the choice is yours. Thanks for a great product and keep up the great work!"

Caylen Wojcik
Former Marine Scout Sniper
Chief Instructor Magpul Precision Rifle Course

"Thank you Impact Data Books for your versatile modular data books. Tony knows what he's doing and has been passionate about data keeping for as long as I've known him, and that goes back to when we graduated from the same basic sniper course. Later when we were Team Leaders in the same platoon together he was already drawing up his own data pages that were much better than the ones we were using at the time. I directly relate those pages to the improvement of our overall platoon's shooting performance. His experience is definitely reflected in his products and they're a valuable asset to any shooter."

Dan Day
Former Marine Scout Sniper
DOD Contractor Firearms Instructor Afghanistan

"I have been a long range shooter for over 15 years. I understand the value of collecting data in a data book and have done so from the beginning. Having used numerous data books over the years I find the offerings from Impact Data Books to be far superior to anything else being offered on the market today. Having so many options to build a book from is a unique option to allow me to design a book for my needs. Thank you for offering such a top notch data book. You have a customer for life."

Bob H.
Long Range Shooting Enthusiast

"I used to print my own load data sheets on regular paper and put them in a 3-ring binder. I found that Impact Data Books have all the same information I need on their load test sheets. They are on much sturdier paper and smaller for better portability. Good product and service. Thanks!"


"It has been awhile since shooting the long gun, but during my several years as a LE sniper, we used two different books.....that was 10 years ago, and when I saw the IDB site, I ordered one, and have to say it is vastly superior to what I used in the past. Keep up the good work!"

Steve H.
Tempe, AZ

"I called and asked Tony some questions about setting up a book. He got my questions answered and made excellent suggestions. I took his advice and ordered. I am very impressed with the quality of service and product. Awesome company to spend my $$$ with."

Jeff E.
Dallas, TX

"After searching for a data book that suited my needs, I came up dry... Until Impact! The ability to pick the pages you need over someone else's idea of what you need is great!"

Steve R.
Citrus Heights, CA

"I just received my pre-made modular data book and I have to say I am blown away by the quality of it!! I contacted Tony and asked him some questions about what he suggested for a new to long range shooter as the choices available for a custom book were a bit overwhelming to me and he pointed me in the direction of the pre-made book. I took his suggestion and got it today, along with the rite in the rain pain and the sniper stencil I ordered with it and I am very very impressed. The quality is top notch and well worth the price! There is simply a TON of reference material included in the first set of pages, with lots of highly useful info for a newbie! Lots of great data collecting pages and very little that looks like it won't apply. Great product and a great company with outstanding customer service what more can you ask for? I will continue to do business with them in the future as my shooting skills and data book needs expand!"

Independence, MO

"ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS!!! After struggling with the run of the mill data books for several years, I found Impact.. Their modular design allowed me to stop TRYING to make those ordinary data books work for what I was doing and allowed me to design books that are fit to what I am doing. I no longer have to search through pages and pages of training data to find what I need during a critical incident. I now have a training book which logs all of our qualifications and trainings (keeps the bosses happy & will keep the attorney's off my back) and a deployment log which has the critical data I might need for shot adjustments as well as the reference material for wind, range estimation, and the incident material such as suspect ID logs, observation logs, comm logs, and such. I can cover my backside and my departments with my training log, but I can also quickly find the information I need when I need it with my deployment log. THANK YOU IMPACT!!!!!!!!"

Joseph K. Davis
SWAT Sniper / Firearms Instructor
City of Citrus Heights Police Dept.