We are the home of the first ever 100% customizable modular data book. Our books are being used by numerous state and federal law enforcement officers and by our military fighting the global war on terrorism. The Impact Data Book is also highly sought after by shooting schools, competition shooters and hunters across the globe.

The Impact Data Book is designed with the shooter in mind by offering you a custom built data book. The concept of a data book is not new. But having a tailor made book that you can layout and design to match the exact targets you train on is. The Impact Data Book offers over 320 different page types to choose from. When used properly, a data book can make the difference between hitting and missing your target and getting that first round hit. Having the ability to refer back and retrieve your shooting data from the last time you shot is invaluable.

Never before has there been a data book available for shooters to select the pages they need along with having them correspond to the targets they shoot for their individual training or recreational shooting.

Generally most data books on the market today are designed and sold how the designer of the book trains or how they think people should train. It has been my experience when using these other data books I tend to throw away at least one third of the book because the targets or pages don't correspond to what I need to record my shooting activities on.

Well look no further, Impact Data Book puts an end to that and allows you to order and setup your data book to correspond with your training and qualification course so that you don't have to modify your book to fit your needs. Your book is already setup and 100% functional because you designed it.

Impact Data Books can also do custom design data books for schools or agencies that will match your day-to-day course curriculum and qualification courses.

Round Holder Mildot Master
Our Price: $10.50
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Our Price: $29.95
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Round Holder Mildot Master
These two round holders easily attach to your stock by Velcro. They give
your the shooter emergency access to up to two rounds in case of a

The Mildot master is a popular and commonly used tool among long range shooters. This product is a must have item for any operational sniper, competitor, or hunter using a mil based reticle in their scope.
Suppressor Log Sniper Stencil II
Our Price: $4.99
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Our Price: $11.75
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Suppressor Log Sniper Stencil 2
A suppressor log is essential for anyone that needs to keep track of the amount of rounds that they have fired through their suppressor.  This easy to use book offers nine pages for you to track the rounds fired during your shooting sessions.  

Each suppressor you own should have its own dedicated round count book.  These books should stay with the suppressor for the life of the suppressor. This book should be passed on from owner to owner to insure and verify the actual round count through the suppressor.

These handy books easily fit inside your data book and they measure in at 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches.
Sniper Stencil II is a great addition to the already popular sniper stencil that has been offered for over 17 years.
All-In-One Sniper Kit F-Class Book
Our Price: $170.10
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Our Price: $34.00
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All-In-One Sniper Kit NRA F-CLASS Book

All-In-One Sniper Kit allows you to get everything you need in one quick and easy package.

This book was designed to offer a premade book for the F-Class shooter. The index pages in this book differ from our other books. We have redesigned and tweaked the index pages to provide you with reference materials that work for F-Class shooting.


Warning: Firearms and ammunition can cause death or serious bodily harm. Impact Data Books, Inc provides this product as a reference manual to assist shooters in their day to day shooting activities. Impact Data Books, Inc assumes no liability or responsibility for how the purchaser uses this book and recommends that all tables, charts, and formulas be checked against real world firing solutions prior to being used. By purchasing this data book you agree that you are using this reference material at your own risk and that the user is liable for any and all actions or incidents that may occur when using this book and that Impact Data Book, Inc is released from any wrong doing or liability when using this product. If you are ever in doubt of what you are doing or where your bullet may end up you should immediately stop shooting and seek assistance.